Better Off Dead Movie Review

Better Off Dead Movie Review
Lane Meyer (John Cusack) is a high school student who is love sick over his girlfriend Beth (Amanda Wyss). He wakes up to Beth's picture under his pillow; every hanger in his closet has her face on it; he even purchases a car that doesn’t work because she likes the appearance.

Then Beth crushes his heart. She breaks up with him because she has her sights on the ski captain Roy Stalin (Aaron Dozier)—the only guy who ever skied the K-12 slope without dying. She delivers the devastating news after Lane’s skiing tryouts – a team which he “surprisingly” didn’t make.

Sounds like a set-up, right?

Roy seems to have it all. He decides who is going to be on the team and he gets the girl. Meanwhile, Lane has to endure two horrific blows in one day.

Lane is unable to accept the break-up. So, what does he do? He comes home, announces the news to his mom (Kim Darby), who is vacuuming at the time. She tells him, “that’s nice.” Then he goes into the garage, ties a rope around his neck and begins to reason that he has not fully lived his life. Before he can remove the rope, hid mom opens the door — still vacuuming. Lane is hanging in mid-air. His friend Charles (Curtis Armstrong) tries to intervene by telling him, “suicide is not the answer.” That’s when he thinks about skiing the K-12 to get Beth back, but it’s only a thought.

When he lays down in his bed, he begins to reminisce about the time when he and Beth first met. They were both nervous believing they have something on their noses. She begins the antic by wiping her nose, which causes him to be self-conscious, thinking something is on his nose. So he begins to wipe. The viewer is able to hear their thoughts as they experience this ordeal. What a hilarious first encounter.

In walks Monique (Diane Franklin), the foreign exchange student who intentionally runs into him at the school dance. She temporarily lives with his peculiar neighbors across the street. Her role is inspiring because she helps poor Lane overcome many challenges. They enjoy spending time together, but Ricky (Dan Schneider) and his mom, the neighbors who she resides with, has other plans. Ricky’s mom wants him and Monique to date, and Ricky is head over heels about her. So Monique pretends she is unable to speak English. One night when she angrily throws balls at a parking sign, with good aim I might add, she reveals to Lane that she can speak English. He is flabbergasted and promises to keep her secret. She helps Lane fix his car, skate the K-12, and gives him his confidence back. Realizing how amazing she is, he surprises her with a candle light dinner. Would her presence be enough to keep his feelings for Beth at bay? You have to watch it to find out.

This is a movie that will have you bursting at the seams in laughter. The characters are quirky and over the top. His parents, especially his mom is extremely strange. Her food is often slimy and living. His brother is extremely smart. He removes the coupons from the cereal boxes before it is finished so the cereal and cat food spills onto the floor and everywhere else. He is able to build laser guns, rockets, and meet mature women, even though he is only eight years old. His friend Charles is insane. He sniffs snow, Jell-o, and anything else he can get in his nose. He encounters two brother from China who loves to race him. Unfortunately, that’s how he meets his soon to be boss. He crashes into his car twice, losing the race each time.

If you need a good laugh this is the movie to watch. It is a feel good romantic comedy that can brighten your day.

I was not paid to endorse this movie in any way. It comes from my movie collection. The views and opinions that are expressed are my own.

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