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Do you know what it takes to actually Live the "Martial Arts Lifestyle"? Martial Arts is much more than just performing on the mats. It´s a way of life and how we might live with compassion and at p

A Call to Arms to Live Martial Arts star
In a world where the "old" ways seem to be dying, perhaps it is time for a call to arms in returning some of the philosophies of respect and discipline that should be an integral part of Martial Arts.

A Call to Martial Artists to Help star
Training in the Arts is not just about kicks and punches, it´s also about living. Now is the time to reach out your compassion and help others.

Compassion and Martial Arts star
Living the Martial Arts way means more than just showing up to class. It’s more than just the forms or the techniques. Living Martial Arts is also about community and reaching out to help others.

Do you really study Martial Arts? star
Do you really study Martial Arts? Read on and make a vow for the New Year to truly embrace the study of Martial Arts.

Family with Martial Arts star
Family is an important part to my Martial Arts experience. As I travel this week to participate in the Pai Lum Tao International Conference, I reflect with you the meaning of "family" within our system.

Happy New Years star
If you study an Asian-based Martial Arts, studying how that culture celebrates New Years is a great way to expand your knowledge and understanding of the great Art you are learning. Find out more about their traditions here.

How to avoid drama in Martial Arts star
It seems at times that no matter what, if something involves people there will eventually be drama. It can rob you of precious training time. Here are some tips as to how to avoid it.

How to Surive being a Spouse of a Martial Artist star
Let's face it, being married to (or the significant other) of a Martial Artist is not the easiest thing in the world. Here is some advise as to how to put up with us.

Internal vs. External star
If you've been following the 'What Is...' series for Martial Arts, you may be wondering what does it mean to be an Internal or External art. Find out more about the distinction and why they are both important in your training.

Is a National Martial Arts Program Feasible? star
The Iranian government is sponsoring a program that is helping to train 3000 women in Ninjutsu. Could this program be a herald for what is to come in other countries?

Jealousy and Martial Arts star
Inevitably, at some point in your training, you´ll be faced with the evil green-eyed monster of jealousy. Here are some tips to overcoming them.

Marital Arts and Religion star
In traditional Asian Martial Arts, you find predominantly three schools of thought that were the primary influences upon its inception: Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism.

Martial Arts and Eating star
When one is training in Martial Arts, it’s important to remember not only the physical aspects of your activity on the ring but off the ring as well. In particular today I’m going to talk a bit about eating proper.

Martial Arts and the Internet star
A view of how Martial Arts and the Internet have evolved together.

Martial Arts Celebrates Mother's Day star
As part of celebrating Mother's Day, I'd like to spend a bit of time talking about the importance of mothers and wifes within the Martial Arts family.

Martial Arts going Green star
Is your school green? Maybe it's time to start considering ways to integrate being green with your Martial Arts training

Martial Arts in Spring star
Spring is in the air and it´s a great time to think about Martial Arts

Martial Arts Invades Reality TV star
As part of the ever increasing sign that Martial Arts is becoming more accepted in the Western world, Martial Artists are starting to appear in Reality TV. But is it really a good representation of the Artists of the world?

Martial Arts Year in Review -- 2006 star
Take a moment as we begin a New Year to review 2006 in Martial Arts.

My Student, My Teacher star
Just as in life, you never know where your next lesson will come from. So in both life and Martial Arts, remember your student can also be teaching you important lessons.

Nature in Martial Arts -- Water star
Martial Arts derives much of its inspiration from nature. Even the most common elements, such as water, provide a depth of understanding to Martial Arts.

Olympics and Martial Arts star
Friday, August 13th, 2004. Today marks the official start of the Olympics in Athens, Greece. Find out how Martial Arts plays a part in this great event.

Soccer Easier Than Martial Arts? star
Dana White recently made just that statement. But there is much more in common with soccer and Martial Arts than he gave it credit. Read on to find out how the two are closely related.

The Future of Martial Arts star
A recent show on eqHD TV has made me consider the future of Martial Arts. Can Martial Arts continue to exist?

The Martial Arts in MMA star
Has mixed martial arts lost its Martial Arts roots? Or are we on the cusp of something new?

The Martial Arts Relationship - Courtship star
Experiencing Martial Arts is a lot building a relationship. The first in this series will explore the initial phase I like to call the "Courtship".

The Martial Arts Relationship - Honeymoon star
Continuing a series of articles. A Martial Arts relationship goes through many stages and grows over time. This part covers the "marriage" and "honeymoon" to Martial Arts.

The Mental Study of Martial Arts star
Martial Arts is about more than just punches and kicks, forms and sparring, it involves the study of the mind as well. It is about the Body, Mind, and Spirit

Why Independence Day Important to Martial Arts star
Martial Arts has a special bond with the basic concepts behind Independence Day. Come find out why in this article.

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