Small Office/Home Office
Great ideas for marketing your business, including advertising, sales and PR. Don´t always discount traditional marketing methods over the internet.

Create a Portfolio Website star
Don’t send prospects to a shared resume posted on a job board. Build your own portfolio website to showcase what you can do for your clients.

Do You Need a Website? star
Should you have a website for your small business? Do you really need one? The answer is yes. Here are some things you need to know about websites and where to get started.

Find your Target Market and Make More Money star
Identifying your target market is essential for business owners and even more crucial for the small or home-based business. Here's how to do it.

Finding Audiences for Public Speaking star
How to find groups where you can speak and grow your business.

Five Marketing Tips for Wedding Planners star
How to build your wedding planner business using five effective, low-cost marketing tips.

Five Quick, Easy, Inexpensive Customer Gift Ideas star
If you want to give something to your customers for the holidays but time or money or ideas are in short supply, here are five suggestions for gifts you cam make or buy quickly, easily and quite inexpensively.

Free and Inexpensive Gifts for your Customers star
This article has ideas for business gifts you can give to your clients even if your budget is a bit tight this year.

Giveaways to Promote your Business star
How do you choose giveaways to promote your business? Promotional products can be an important and efficient part of your marketing plan. And, if you choose them wisely, they can really help in branding your company and in selling your product or service.

Great Customer Service Means Money in the Bank star
Do you know the lifetime value of one customer to your business? Once you do, giving great customer service becomes one of the most important things you do.

Halloween Marketing Tips for Restaurants star
Halloween is a fun holiday and if you have a restaurant, you can do a few simple things to make it even more fun for your guests. Try these Halloween marketing tips for restaurants to help you scare up some extra business and extra fun:

Holiday Sales Tips for Your Small Business star
It’s the buying season, (also know as the Holiday Season). Here are some great tips to help you take advantage of everyone’s spending mood and make more money.

How to Write Effective Ads star
Effective ads are those that get attention and lead to new customers. But, don´t expect advertising to be your sales force. Read here for steps to creating your own effective ads.

Is Traditional Advertising Dead? star
Are traditional ways of advertising dead? How is marketing changing and what can you do to promote your business if advertising doesn´t work so well anymore?

Making More Money during the Holiday Season star
Jazz up your holiday sales with some simple ideas. How to sell your products and services to the gift-buying customer.

Marketing Tips for Teen Babysitters star
Suggestions and ideas to help you get those first babysitting jobs.

Marketing Tips for Writers star
Many times, writers hate the very idea of marketing their work. Marketing smacks of sales and if you wanted to sell stuff, well, you wouldn’t be a writer now would you? Here´s how to overcome your distaste for promoting your book and get to work making money from it.

Marketing with your Business Cards star
When marketing your business, don´t forget how valuable your business card is! It´s a mini brochure. Most are fairly cheap, too, so spread them around. Make sure all your contact info is there--

Marketing Your Thrift Store with Social Media star
If you own a thrift store, you can market your business for free on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. Here's how to get started:

Mind-Mapping Article Writing or Blog Posts star
If you write articles or blog to promote your business, mind-mapping can help you write them better and more quickly. Here's how:

Mother's Day Business Ideas star
Almost any business can capture some Mother’s Day business or at least create some goodwill and positive rapport with the mothers in their pipeline. Read on for some tips and ideas on how to increase your revenues by marketing for this special holiday.

Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking star
Public speaking consistently ranks as one of the biggest fears—often surpassing even death. Many people will not even consider it. But, it is a great promotion tool for your business and you can overcome your fears and learn to speak professionally and boost your business income.

Promote your Business During the Holidays star
People are bombarded with marketing messages during the holidays and this year, many have cut their spending budgets. How do you make customers aware of your small or home business and willing to buy from you?

Promote your Business with Facebook star
Facebook is a hugely popular social networking site (and still growing). Here´s how you can promote your business with Facebook. For free.

Promotional Products for the Holidays star
Tips and information on choosing and purchasing holiday-related promotional products.

Public Speaking – Finding your Message star
Public speaking is a great promotional tool for small businesses. It is a free and easy way to get the word out about your business and to educate people about your company and your product. But, how do you find your message?

Publicity for Small and Home-based Businesses star
How can you get free exposure for your business in newspapers, magazines, tv and radio and the internet? Publicity is free advertising! Read this article to learn how your company can benefit.

Selling the Benefits of your Business star
Do you know the difference between selling features and selling benefits? This lesson is simple to learn, but can be hard to master. However, mastery of this sales skill can mean the difference between success and failure for you and your business, so it’s definitely worth perfecting.

Six Reasons your Small Business should support a Charity star
Most large corporations have programs for social responsibility and community involvement, and it is a great idea for small businesses, too. Here are six reasons your business should support a charity or non-profit endeavor in your community:

Start Your Holiday Marketing Plan Now star
How to create a plan to market your business for the holiday season.

Targeted Advertising for your Small Business star
Area newsletters can be a great source of advertising for some small businesses. Read this article to find out how.

Ten Tips for Trade Show or Exhibit Success star
Ten tips for getting the best results from a trade show, expo, crafts fair or other exhibit. It's way more than just setting up your booth.

Ten Ways to Market your Business for Free star
Ten free ways to market your small or home-based business. Try one of these ideas today!

Thanksgiving - An Opportunity for Your Business to Give Back star
Thanksgiving brings us a great time to stop and reflect on how we give back to our communities. As business owners, we understand that the better our community, the more successful our business. Find new opportunities for giving back in this article.

The Best Pages to Add to your Website star
There are certain pages that customers expect to see on a professional website. Try these pages out and see how they boost your sales and build name recognition.

The Power of Your Smile star
Have you ever been told you have a beautiful smile? Well, you do! Even if I’ve never seen you, I’m pretty sure that your smile lights up your face and brings warm and fuzzy feelings to those lucky enough to see it.

The Sales Cycle star
Seven simple steps to getting your product or service sold make up the sales cycle. You probably have customers on different steps right now. Read this article to make sure you keep the steps in order to facilitate quick and easy sales.

Using Google Alerts for your Business star
Google has many tools that are useful for small business owners, and one of my favorites is the google “alert”. Everyday, google delivers to my in-box several notices about topics I’ve asked to be “alerted” on.

Using Visual Aids in Public Speaking Engagements star
Visual aids are anything that demonstrates or “shows” what you are talking about. Almost anything can be a visual aid: PowerPoint slide shows, flip charts, costumes, product samples, handouts, etc. How can visual aids help you make better presentations?

Valentine's Day Gifts and Goodies for Customers star
Valentine's Day is a great time to give a little something to your customers. Of course you love your customers and this is the perfect time to show it.

Valentine’s Day Marketing Tips star
It’s time to show the love-- to your customers and clients! Use Valentine's Day themes to add a little romance (or at least fun!) to your marketing mix.

Writing Articles to Market Your Business star
Article marketing is one of the most effective, easy and free business promotion techniques around. You can create a lot of traffic to your website as well as traffic to your cash register by writing and distributing free articles, both online and offline.

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