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An educational and creative place like a museum needs a team of talented people to take care of all the unusual and priceless treasures there. Here are some resources to get you started!

* Museum Employment Resources star
So you want to work in a museum. Where do you start? Check out this comprehensive list of resources that might help you find your dream job!

* Museum Studies Programs star
Do you think a graduate degree in Museum Studies is the right career move for you? Check out this list of programs!

Acknowledging Museum Donors star
What is the best way to acknowledge and thank museum donors? Here are some ideas.

Assessing Collections Damage star
Your museum survived a tornado or fire, but some of your collections are damaged. Now what? Read on for some basic guidelines for assessing the damage.

Blogging About Museums star
Museums across the country are using new technologies like blogging to get the word out about what they have to offer. It’s easy to get started!

BOOK REVIEW – Museum Careers, A Practical Guide star
This is the most complete book I’ve seen addressing all of the issues you will encounter when pursuing a museum career – both the good and the bad! Highly recommended.

Cooperstown Graduate Program Celebrates 50 Years star
The country’s premiere museum studies master’s degree program marked its 50th anniversary with the slogan “A Bold Vision Realized.”

Creating an Emergency Preparedness Plan star
You never know when disaster will strike. It’s best to be prepared by planning now!

Creating an Internship Contract star
A formal contract will create a professional experience for your museum intern. It will also help you set up a schedule and outline your expectations.

Cultural Entrepreneurship Institute star
This cutting-edge conference taught me so much about my profession!

Easy Museum Interactive Ideas star
People are bombarded with high-tech glitz every day. Sometimes simpler, low-tech interactives can make an even bigger impact and help you get your message across. They’re also easy on the budget.

Emergency Guidelines for Museum Staff star
Share this list with the departments in your museum. Is everyone ready for an emergency?

Evaluating an Intern star
Providing feedback is the only way an intern will know what he or she is doing right, and where they might need improvement.

Finding a Museum Job in a Bad Economy star
This isn’t the best time to be job hunting. But there are some things you can do to make yourself marketable to a museum.

Finding Your First Museum Job star
It can be tough to break into the field. Here is some advice about landing that first museum job.

Free Museum Resources star
A strapped budget doesn’t mean you can’t move forward with your plans! Here are some free resources to consider when planning your next project.

Grant Writing for Museums star
With revenue pools shrinking, grants have become more competitive than ever. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t apply for one.

Handling Museum Donors star
The hardest part of my job is handling the donors who give artifacts to my museum. Here is some advice on how to handle this important, but delicate, process!

Hosting a Traveling Exhibition star
Read on for some things to consider before booking a traveling exhibition at your museum.

How to Be a Good Museum Intern star
Here are some tips for making the most of your museum internship.

How to Choose an Exhibition Designer star
It can be difficult to find the right person for your exhibit project. Here are some tips for finding a good exhibition designer.

How to Number an Artifact star
Each artifact is marked with a unique number when it enters a museum’s collection. Read on to learn how it’s done!

How to Start a History Club for Kids star
Museums are in a unique position to make history fun for kids. Take advantage of our informal learning environment and start a History Club!

Internship Curriculum Suggestions star
Providing context for a museum intern through reading assignments and journal entries can enrich their experience.

Interview Tips for Finding a Museum Job star
Congratulations! You got the interview! Now what?

Is a Museum Career Right For You? star
A museum career offers variety, creativity and flexibility. But it isn’t for everyone. Here are some things to consider before you sign up for that master’s degree in museum studies.

Journal Entries for Museum Interns star
Ask your interns to keep a journal about their experiences to help them develop critical thinking skills and assess the museum environment.

List of Museum Studies Programs star[offsite link]
The Smithsonian has compiled a comprehensive list of museum studies programs.

Local History Exhibit Ideas star
There are lots of ways to incorporate local history into your exhibition schedule. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Long Term Loans star
It is never a good idea to accept long term loans. All loans should be short-term and for a specific purpose only.

Marketing Ideas for Small Museums star
It’s tough to get the word out about what you’re doing! Especially in this economy. Here are some suggestions to help publicize your museum.

Master’s Degree in Museum Studies star
Today there are many options to consider when preparing for a museum career. Here’s why I think a Master’s degree in Museum Studies is the best path.

Museum Assessment Program star
Are you curious if your museum is following professional standards and policies? Consider participating AAM’s Museum Assessment Program to find out.

Museum Career Skills -- Creating a Portfolio star
Learn more about the skills necessary to land that museum job. Portfolios are an excellent way to sell yourself at a job interview. What kinds of things should be in it?

Museum Career Skills – Artifact Care and Handling star
Learn more about the skills necessary to land that museum job. It is important to know how to keep the artifacts in your care safe.

Museum Career Skills – Developing an Exhibition star
Learn more about the skills necessary to land that museum job. One of my favorite parts about my career is creating exhibitions. Here are some quick tips on developing an exhibition.

Museum Career Skills – Professional Organizations star
It is important to keep yourself informed about issues in the profession. But there are lots of groups to choose from! Here is a guide to some of the best to join.

Museum Career Skills – Public Speaking star
Learn more about the skills necessary to land that museum job. Not all museum positions require public speaking skills, but you will be more marketable for any museum job if you can speak in front of a group.

Museum Career Skills – Research and Writing star
A new series! Learn more about the skills necessary to land that museum job. No museum professional can succeed without knowing how to research and write. Here are some tips to hone your skills.

Museum Collaborations star
There is power in numbers! Collaborations with schools, community organizations, and other museums can bring increased attendance and revenue!

Museum Fundraising star
In this economy, everyone needs to raise money to balance the budget. These are some of the ways museums and other non-profits can raise some much needed cash.

Museum Job Search Tips star
Finding a museum job can be difficult. Here are some ideas to help you land that perfect job!

Museum Membership Programs star
Memberships are a great way to build a solid audience base and create a steady revenue stream for your museum. If you don’t have a membership program, start one! And if you do, don’t forget to revisit benefits and costs periodically.

Museum Names star
Your museum’s name is your most important marketing tool. Are you considering a name change? Think long and hard about it first!

Museum Professionals star[offsite link]
This site was designed for Museum Professionals by Museum Professionals. Its goal is to provide you with a home on the web for effective communication, collaboration, and networking. The best part about this site is that it´s YOU who helps to build it!

Museum Studies Program - Algonquin College star[offsite link]
Applied museum studies 3 year advanced diploma program (Canada)

Museum Studies Program - Bank Street College of Education star[offsite link]
Degrees in Museum Education

Museum Studies Program - Baylor University star[offsite link]
Offered as both an undergraduate major and a graduate degree

Museum Studies Program - Beloit College star[offsite link]
Undergraduate minor

Museum Studies Program - Californian State University, Fullerton star[offsite link]
Part of Anthropolgy undergraduate major

Museum Studies Program - City University (London) star[offsite link]
MA Arts Management, MA Museum and Gallery Management, MA Arts Criticism/ MA Arts Criticism and Management, Postgraduate Diploma in Cultural Management

Museum Studies Program - Duquesne University star[offsite link]
Master´s degree in history with a concentration in Archival, Museum, and Editing Studies

Museum Studies Program - Eastern Illinois University star[offsite link]
Museums included in history program

Museum Studies Program - Florida State University star[offsite link]
Graduate degree in Historical Administration and Public History

Museum Studies Program - Goteburg University star[offsite link]
Master´s degree in international museum studies. Program located in Sweden.

Museum Studies Program - The Cooperstown Graduate Program star[offsite link]
Master´s degree in history museum studies

Museum Studies Program - The University of Washington star[offsite link]
Master of Arts in Museology

Museum Studies Program - University of Arkansas star[offsite link]
Master of Arts in Museum Studies

Museum Studies Program - University of Maryland at College Park star[offsite link]
Graduate program in American Studies, with possibility of applying for a special certificate in Historic Preservation, Museum Scholarship, Material Culture or Women´s Studies.

Museum Studies Program -- University of Leicester star[offsite link]
Post-graduate museum studies degrees, including distance learning and a PhD program.

Museum Visitation Factors star
Visitors consider many factors before choosing to come to a museum. Here are some of the factors involved in the decision-making process when it comes to leisure time options.

Museums and Facebook star
There are many ways museums can use this free resource to connect with visitors!

Museums and Pinterest star
Is your museum using Pinterest? This newcomer to the social media scene can be used to showcase your institution in a very visual way!

Museums and Social Media star
Although we “live in the past” we have to embrace the future! Are you harnessing the power of the internet to further your mission?

National Digital Newspaper Program star
Digitizing our nation’s newspapers will provide an amazing resource for historical research.

Planning a Lecture Series star
Museums are a great place to provide informal learning experiences. A successful lecture series can help raise your museum’s profile, fulfill your mission and earn some income.

Planning a Press Day star
Inviting the media for a private tour can create important new partnerships. Here are some tips for planning a Press Day at your museum.

Planning a Volunteer Enrichment Day star
It is important to keep your volunteers active and engaged. A Volunteer Enrichment Day can help you provide information, generate new ideas, and reinvigorate your volunteer team!

Planning Exhibit Based Programs star
Programming can increase attendance and interest in your exhibitions. Here are some of the ideas we´ve come up with for exhibitions at my museum.

So You Want to Be a Curator star
If you love history and want to share your passion outside the classroom environment, then a career as a Curator could be for you! Here's what you need to do to make it happen.

So You Want To Be a Museum Director star
If you love museums and would like to be in charge of one someday, this is the career for you!

So You Want To Be a Museum Educator star
A museum’s education department wasn’t always considered an essential part of daily operations. But today, museum education provides a wonderful alternative for the person who wants to teach – but not in a classroom!

Starting an Internship Program star
Interns can be invaluable to a museum’s staff. Here are some tips to help you start an internship program at your museum.

Teens and Museums star
Teenagers aren’t typical museum visitors. Should museums attempt to woo them? Or should we acknowledge that some demographics just aren’t interested in what we do?

The Benefits of Changing Exhibitions star
Temporary exhibitions are one way to attract repeat visitors because there is always something new going on. Here are some compelling reasons to dedicate space in your museum for changing exhibits.

The Campbell Center star
Courses at the Campbell Center for Historic Preservation Studies include everything from green exhibit design to gravestone preservation.

Tough Times for Museums star
In this economy, what can we do to keep the doors open? Here are some ideas.

Troubleshooting Museum Events star
In spite of our best efforts, sometimes a museum event doesn’t go as well as planned. Here are some ideas to use when examining what might have gone wrong!

Types of Museum Jobs star
There are many different types of positions within a museum. Perhaps one of them is the perfect career choice for you!

Unique Museum Studies Degrees star
Are you looking for a very specific program that suits your interests within the museum field? Check out these unique programs in exhibition design, historic preservation, museum education, art conservation, and public administration.

Volunteer Enrichment star
It is important to nurture your museum volunteers whenever you can. A Volunteer Enrichment program will help keep them informed and connected to each other.

What is a Curator? star
Have you ever wondered what a museum Curator does? Look no further!

What Is an Accession Number? star
This unique numbering system is the backbone of a museum’s collection. Learn how to decode what it means!

What is Deaccessioning? star
Read on to learn more about the process of removing something from a museum’s permanent collection.

What to Put in a Press Packet star
If you have a reporter coming to your museum, what should you get in their hands? As much as you can!

Who Visits a Museum? star
There are personality types who are more likely to visit museums. There are also people who will NEVER visit a museum. What do you know about these groups?

Why Do People Visit Museums? star
There are many different reasons to visit a museum. Understanding why people choose to go to a museum can help boost attendance and allocate limited marketing resources.

Writing Exhibit Labels star
Writing for an exhibit is much different from other forms of writing. Learn more about what makes a good exhibit label.

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